What is it?

At any time on Thursday, April 24 groups of three or more across the country will gather for conversations on mental health. After texting “start” to 89800, groups will receive polling questions, discussion topics, and facilitation suggestions via text message from Creating Community Solutions. No personal information will be stored.

Why do it?

Mental health is a critical issue in the US, but it is surrounded by stigma and misconceptions. It is a topic that can be difficult to give a voice to. Join Text, Talk, Act to have a candid dialogue about actions we can take to strengthen mental health on campuses and in communities. Polling results will be incorporated into the Creating Community Solutions report to policymakers.

Even if you can’t participate, please reblog this to spread the word.


The effort to end the stigma on mental health is personally important to me. I’d like to give everyone who participates something in thanks, but I can’t. Send me an ask if you decide to participate, and I’ll choose a winner for a $50 Amazon gift card with a random number generator on the next day, Friday April 25. If you’re chosen I’ll just ask for a picture of your or your friend’s message log to prove you did it. Just send me an ask and text in on Thursday to enter.

For more information, contact me or visit the webpage at Creating Community Solutions.

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so important




The snow is falling like cement

and I’m beginning to forget

the turns I took when driving home

from the place I used to go

The leaves are falling like the stars

I can’t remember where you are

The city smoke has left you blind

to sit alone inside your mind

We don’t have forever

Everything is fading

We don’t have forever 

Take me in your arms now  

The fire’s burning like the rage

that kept me locked inside my cage

my eyes keep straining for the time

when I could keep the tears I cried

The secrets weigh like letterpress

upon my worn out parchment chest

The whispers of forgotten love

the weathered wingbeats of a dove

We don’t have forever

Everything is fading

We don’t have forever 

Take me in your arms now  

My best friend wrote this amazing song and you all must listen to it and love her